If you are already a diffride driver, please fill in the form below on your latest information.

Diffride Complies to Regulations

On 12 July 2019 , the new regulations set by the Ministry of Transport shall be compulsory for all Diffride Drivers to comply to.

Fill in your details to update our system with your latest information (Medical JPJL8A form, PUSPAKOM and PSV).

We advise all drivers to ensure all images taken via mobile or camera are clear, to avoid resubmitting documents.

We appreciate your cooperation.

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What are the New Regulations?

Public Service Vehicle License (PSV)

You will need to go through a 6-hour training session and a pass a written exam to obtain this license.

Medical Examination

You are required to go for medical screening.

PUSPAKOM Car Inspection

Vehicles above 3 years must undergo PUSPAKOM inspection, followed up by yearly inspection.

E-hailing Insurance

A requirement of an additional e-hailing insurance other than your existing private motor insurance is needed, to ensure safeness on the road.

How to Register?

The steps shown below are the information is subjected to change until further notice. We will be updating this section when we have received more valid information.

Step 1: JPJ L8A Form
Download the JPJ L8A (medical) registration form here. Please fill it up according to the details needed.

Step 2: Medical check-up
Fill in section F of the JPJ L8A form (PSV Medical Check) at the clinic of your choice. If you do not have the form downloaded, you may ask for assistance at the clinic that you are attending.

Step 3: Training Sessions
More information will be gathered soon on this.

Step 4: PUSPAKOM Inspection
Vehicles that are of 3 years old is compulsory to go through a PUSPAKOM inspection. Refer to the links provided for more information.

Find a PUSPAKOM: here

E-hailing inspection guidelines: here

Vehicle inspection guidelines: here

Step 5: Add-on Insurance
More information will be gathered soon on this.

Step 6: E-hailing Permit
More information coming soon.