Making your day less Hassle.
(Driving without Commission & Enjoying Low Fares)

Diffride is an innovative e-hailing service provider that offers a different business model to e-hailing and taxi drivers to serve the community better. We are the first to provide this service without charging commission from drivers. Instead, we have rocked the industry with a radical concept of drivers only needs to pay a daily fee as low as RM 5 per day.

This concept is to help drivers to earn a reasonable and decent income for them to sustain their business in e-hailing.

Diffride is also the first e-hailing operator that complies to the latest e-hailing regulations and act which pays a lot of attention in delivering a safe serve towards the community. Our drivers were hand-picked and have under-went a filtering process by scanning their records to ensure our passengers are in good hands.

We strive in working towards the principal of “Different is the new change, a bolder change” to become not just the company’s brand identity but strongly rooting into the community that seeks Diffride as their preferred e-hailing service provider.

To provide a fair and innovative e-hailing service to the people so that everyone can enjoy a great ride on the road.